Nursing Home Dietitian

Between 10 and 60 percent of nursing home residents are at risk of malnutrition

Healthier You has preferred supplier agreement as the nursing home dietitian with three local nursing homes and has provided nutritional advice to residents of a further five facilities.

Residents at nursing homes typically have specialised dietary and nutritional needs. Healthier You consult at a number of nursing homes in the area. Our nursing home work involves:

  • accessing a resident’s nutritional requirements
  • monitoring residents’ weight and nutritional status
  • nutritional screening
  • for the underweight, looking at ways to fortify food or add supplements
  • for the overweight, investigating ways to modify diet to reduce the risk of illness
  • reviewing the needs and modifying diets to manage conditions such as dementia, depression, diabetes, etc.
  • organising/monitoring tube feeds
  • menu reviews to ensure accreditation
  • staff education