Project Description


1.2 million Australians are estimated to have osteoporosis and further 6.3 million have low bone density [1].

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects the strength of the bones (literally it translates as porous bones), caused by a weakening of the structures inside the bones. More likely to be found in older people (especially women), nutrition plays a significant part in both preventing osteoporosis during your lifetime and minimising the condition once diagnosed (often by fracturing a bone).

How can a dietitian help?

An Accredited Practising Dietitian can assist and tailor a diet to help with preventing or reducing osteoporosis. A Healthier You dietitian will:

  • measure your body composition and understand your comprehensive diet history to help identify your overall calcium intake
  • identify ways to increase your calcium intake
  • work with alternative calcium sources for those who are lactose (dairy) intolerant
  • identify ways to ensure an adequate intake of Vitamin D (which helps calcium absorption)
  • assist with ways to improve exercise (especially weight bearing)
  • reduce other risk factors in your diet including smoking and alcohol intake

Visit a Healthier You dietitian to help help reduce the effects of osteoporosis and lead your life as a healthier you.