healthy eating covid-19


Here are five suggestions on things to be aware of and practice in the new COVID-19 world.

  1. Think ahead and plan your meals – You may be inside for a while. Develop a plan for the week on what to
    eat each night and create a shopping list. It helps structure your shopping and ensures you get a good variety
    of food. Is also ensures you don’t have to make multiple runs to the shops.
  2. Purchase easy to store protein foods – food like baked beans, tinned fish are easy to leave in the cupboard
    and are excellent sources of protein. Also purchase protein rich foods which are easy to freeze. These
    include mince, fish or chicken. They can be prepared in a variety of ways – stir fry’s, rissoles, curries,
    spaghetti bolognaise etc.
  3. Be careful with some high energy extras – When we are at home for long periods, we may seek solace in
    some comfort foods. People find when they are bored that they are constantly going to the cupboard to see
    what is in there. Be careful with foods like chocolate, lollies, biscuits etc. They may give a temporary sugar
    hit, but long term they are not good for the waistline. Remember, it take 36mins to walk off matchbox side
    of chocolate. Consider cutting up some carrots or celery and have them with hummus or light crème cheese.
  4. Moderate alcohol and drink plenty of water – A lot of people have stocked up on alcohol and when it is
    around, you may be tempted to drink more. Remember the goal of at least 2 alcohol free days/week. If you
    are tempted to have a drink, make sure you are drinking plenty of water in between. It slows you down and
    ensures the alcohol has less of an effect. We need to ensure we are well hydrated at home. Water cleanses
    our liver and ensure we metabolise food effectively. It is also good to help us think clearer. Some data
    suggest infections are fought more effectively by people who are well hydrated.
  5. Keep active – go out for a walk. The change in scenery is good for the mental health and the sunlight
    provides some vitamin D (for bone health). Walking more, not only burns some calories, it is also a great way
    to release some endorphins which make you feel better. But remember your social distancing rules!!

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Stay healthy and we will get through this.