Project Description

Sports Nutrition

A nutritious diet through training improves race-day performance.

With its superb weather and lifestyle, it is unsurprising that sport plays a major part in the lives of many in Port Macquarie and surrounding towns and districts. Others seek a lifetime goal of some adventure whether walking up some mountain, completing a trek or participating in a charity event. Sports nutrition plays a significant part in helping you enjoy your regular sport or achieve a physical goal.

Why Visit a Dietitian If You Are Healthy

Healthier You can assist in reaching your peak ensuring you have an ideal individualised diet to match your sporting (or adventure) goals, your training, recovery and event day performance. If you are targetting a specific goal, please contact us early. Your sports nutrition and diet through training and preparation is probably more important than race day nutrition and a pathway to achieving your goals.

Healthier You advise on:

  • General health and fitness
  • Sports nutrition
  • Weight and body composition for your chosen sport or event
  • Weight management and fat reduction
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Training and recovery diet and nutrition
  • Event day/race day nutrition
  • Post-race recovery
  • The role of supplements
  • Port Macquarie Ironman triathlon preparation and competition
  • Travel nutrition

Meet with an Accredited Sports Dietitian at Healthier You and meet your goals for a healthier you.